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♔Grand Duchess Olga Nikolayevna of Russia is a haunting fairytale princess, an independent-minded woman who's expected fairytale ending went horribly awry. Born 3 November 1895 as a beautiful daughter of Nicholas and Alexandra, the last emperor and empress of Russia, Olga declared her individuality and both shocked and awed people with her poetic nature, intelligence, sharp-tongue, moodiness, passion, and compassionate heart. She loved reading (especially history and poetry), writing, art and helping people. During the world war, the patriotic Olga served as an auxiliary nurse and founded charities for war widows and war orphans.Her dreams of happiness: "Get married, always live in the countryside, winter and summer, see only good people, no one official."♔
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The drawing from the notebook of GD Olga and Tatiana, ca 1918 they presented to their mother’s lady-in-waiting Margaret Hitrovo, who was the friend of GD Olga. Olga called Margaret as Ritka.

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The rare of Grand Duchess Olga and her friend Ritka now in better quality and absent watermark!

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Top Ten Favourite Photos of Tatiana {1/10}

"We will meet again in better times."

A new, beautiful high quality version of Grand Duchess Tatiana Nikolayevna Romanova of Russia in her 1906 formal. (open in new tab!)

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♔ imperial russia meme ♔ grand duchess ~ [3/9]

Grand Duchess Olga Nikolayevna of Russia (O.S.) 3 November 1895 ~ 17 July 1918 (N.S.) was the daughter of Emperor Nicholas II of Russia and Princess Alix of Hesse.

Olga was always described as the most intelligent and studious of the imperial siblings, but at the same time the most prone to self analysis, even melancholy. Much like her father, Olga enjoyed taking long walks in the parks of Tsarskoe Selo. She often said that she would someday live in a small village because she liked nature so much more than the city. As Olga grew older…she became an even more voracious reader of books: the classics: the history of Russia and works detailing the lives of the peasants, ancient traditions, customs, laws, and geography of her national. She had an extraordinary memory. Along with her siblings, Olga had a keen interest in the lives and problems of others. It was she who once noticed a disabled girl in one of the keeper’s cottages in the park at Tsarskoe Selo and insisted on becoming the child’s ‘patron’.  She made arrangements for the child to be to a hospital, and planned on paying for her own care out of her own allowance. ~ The Diary of Olga Romanov: Royal Witness to the Revolution by Helen Azar

The eldest, Olga, possessed a remarkably quick brain. She had good reasoning powers as well as initiative, a very independent manner, and a gift for swift and entertaining repartee. She gave me a certain amount of trouble at first, but our early skirmishes were soon succeeded by relations of frank cordiality. She picked up everything extremely quickly, and always managed to give an original turn to what she learnt. I well remember how, in one of our first grammar lessons, when I was explaining the formation of verbs and the use of the auxiliaries, she suddenly interrupted me with: ‘I see, Monsieur. the auxiliaries are the servants of the verbs. It’s only poor ‘avoir’ which has to serve itself.’ ~ The Winter of 1913-1914 by Pierre Gilliard

Olga Nikolaevna was very straightforward, sometimes too outspoken, but always sincere. She had great charm, and could be the merriest of the merry. When she was a schoolgirl, her unfortunate teachers had every possible practical joke played on them by her. When she grew up, she was always ready for any amusement. She was generous, and an appeal to her met with immediate response. “Oh, one must help poor so-and-so. I must do it somehow,” she would say. Her more careful sister, Tatiana, would suggest practical measures, would note names and details, and come back to the subject later out of a sense of duty.Olga Nicolaevna was devoted to her father. The horror of the Revolution told on her more keenly than on any of the others. She changed completely, and all her bright spirits disappeared. ~ The Life and Tragedy of Alexandra Feodorovna by Sophie Buxhoeveden

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lga, the eldest, was most like her father. Shy and subdued, she had long chestnut-blond hair and blue eyes set in a wide Russian face. She impressed people by her kindness, her innocence and the depth of her private feelings. Olga had a good mind and was quick to grasp ideas. Talking to someone she knew well, she spoke rapidly and with frankness and wit. She read widely, both fiction and poetry, often borrowing books from her mother’s tables before the Empress had read them. ‘You must wait, Mama, until I find out whether this book is a proper one for you to read,’ she parried when Alexandra spotted her reading a missing book.

Robert K. Massie, Nicholas & Alexandra

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Poster for Grand Duchess Olga’s charity committee for the families of war recruits. Olga presided over the committee at least once a week during 1914-1916.

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♚30 Day Downton Abbey Challenge♚ Day 4 ~ Favourite Downstairs Man

I’d wait forever

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 ♚ endless list of historical film fancasts 

Michelle Dockery as Grand Duchess Tatiana of Russia

Tatiana Nikolayevna was to my mind prettier than her sisters…Any frockno matter how oldlooked well on her…She was taller even than the Empress but she was so slight and well proportioned that her great height was not remarkable. She had fine regular features recalling pictures of ancestresses who had been famous beauties She had dark hair a rather pale complexion and wide apart light brown eyes that gave her a poetic far away look not quite in keeping with her character. This was a mixture of exactness, thoroughness and perseverance, with leanings towards poetic and abstract ideas. She was closest in sympathy to her mother, and was the definite favorite of both her parents. She was completely unselfish, always ready to give up her own plans to go for a walk with her father, to read to her mother, to do anything that was wanted… She had a less strong character than Olga Nikolaevna, whose lead she would always follow, but she could make up her mind in an emergency quicker than her elder sister, and never lost her head. ~ The Life and Tragedy of Alexandra Feodorovna by Sophie Buxhoeveden 

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The last one to arrive was Felix [Yusupov] so awfully civilian that the Cossacks wanted to beat him up
— Olga in her 1913 diary (translation by Marina Petrov)

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A very high quality version of Grand Duchesses Olga, Anastasia, and Tatiana (zoom)

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♔ Get To Know Me ♔ royalist version ~ Fancasts/AU

G E T  M A R R I E D

L I V E  I N  T H E  C O U N T R Y S I DE

W I N T E R  A N D  S U M M E R

S E E  O N L Y  G O O D  P E O P L E



Based on Helen’s Azar’s symphonic translation of the diaries of Olga Romanov, the daughter of the last tsar, The Diary of Olga Romanov draws up a lyrical and compelling dramatization of the lost grand duchess’s life.

Olga Romanov (Holiday Grainger) is an independent-minded princess who defies tradition even in her strong patriotism. Told between the events of WWI and her resulting captivity, and her “flash forwards” of her dreams of happiness, the film offers a dramatic and ultimately heartbreaking retelling of this royal witness to the Russian revolution.

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Beautiful photo of Princess Elizabeth absent watermark, found on pinterest

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New rare of Grand Duchess Anastasia

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